Compete in EF Hutton
$100,000 Investment Challenge.

How to get started

Match your stock picking skills against others and win $500 or up to 500 Megga Points. Click Here for all prize details.

Real Time Trading

The investment challenge uses our stock simulation, but orders execute with the real-time bid/ask prices, just like your real brokerage account. Just like a real EF Hutton brokerage account, there are no commission charges per trade.

Free To Enter

The $100,000 investment challenge is open to all US residents aged 18 or over. There is no cost to participate.

About us

EF Hutton provides financial solutions to individuals, families, and the communities in which they live. We use technology to overcome barriers that have reduced choices or limited opportunities for the people we serve and to quickly innovate to better serve our clients.

What we do?

EF Hutton is legendary for finding innovative ways to serve clients. The firm’s culture has always focused on developing better products and services and finding new ways to deliver them. For example, EF Hutton was the first to run telegraph lines across the country for faster execution of orders – the financial internet of its day. EF Hutton also developed the managed fee business model that is the standard investment advisory model today. They brought out the first separate managed account (SMA) and unified managed account (UMA). Widely copied and taken for granted today, the UMA account brought all of a client’s investment accounts, managed and transactional, together in one statement and serviced by one financial advisors.

We continue the 110 year old tradition of service that started in 1904 when Edward F. Hutton established EF Hutton & Company. It is this amazing legacy that inspired his grandson, Stanley, together with EF Hutton alumni to restore EF Hutton as an independent company. This effort was made more imperative by the financial crisis which revealed how far the major financial firms had strayed from Edward F. Hutton’s mandate of service to clients.

Financial Growth Tailored to Your Future

EF Hutton allows clients to invest and to execute an unlimited number of trades for just one flat fee. You choose one of four EasyTrade plans. It is like an “all-you-can-eat” plan for stock trading. Other firms charge commissions per transaction. They work on volume which creates an inherent conflict with clients.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions before signing up? These are the most common questions - you can also reach out to our simulation support team for any extra help

Are prices real time?

All orders will execute at the real-time bid/ask prices, but due to exchange rules we can only actually display prices with a 15 minute delay in the simulation. This means your positions might show "Delayed" as the price for the first 15 minutes after a trade, then we can show the price at which your order was filled. This restriction does not apply to your actual brokerage account, only the free $100,000 challenge.

What can I win?

The $100,000 challenge resets regularly - for each session, the grand prize is $500 credited to your EF Hutton brokerage account.

Can I practice trading outside the $100,000 challenge?

Yes, all contest participants are invited to also utilize a free practice portfolio, which does not reset. You can use this practice portfolio to improve your investing strategies alongside your regular EF Hutton brokerage account. The challenge also includes professional-grade research tools built in, so you can do your stock research and trading all in one place.

Is there a cost to participate?

No, it is completely free to enter and win!